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CNC controllers are the heart of the machine.  All inputs, and outputs are processed in the controller.  The controller also interprets G code programs and generates coordinates for the machine travel. Keeping the controller free of foreign particles with regular maintenance will greatly reduce problems.

CNC 4104

Input Unit Reconditioned Only

replaces Strippit® G4PB4

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CNC 3756

Memory Board Fanuc O

( replaces Fanuc A16B-2201-0103)


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CNC 3291


A16B-1211-0901 Fanuc OC PMC-M graphic board. Normally this Surface mount pcb can be fitted on either the 32 bit masters, half or full width. Running the O-C control or OD, O-F config in which it stores the system memory, ladder, and programs. The A16B-1211-0901 can run as 2/3/4/6/8 axis machine tool configuration as standard.

(Replaces Fanuc® Part Number a16b-1211-0901-07a)

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