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Pneumatic Cylinders

Pistons, Pneumatic Cylinders,

Cylinders convert shop air into movement and are an important part of the turret press.  Air must be well conditioned to avoid sticky, and leaking cylinders.  We sell a complete line of filters to reduce problems with all air components.

CNC 3054

Cylinder Gripper Sub Assy. Horiz. Global FESTO

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 1001991-000)

$ 699.00
CNC 3065

Cylinder SMC 50mm X 30mm

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 1002398-000)

$ 310.00
CNC 3066

Cylinder SMC 32mm X 30mm

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 1002399-000)

$ 160.00
CNC 3067

Cylinder SMC 63mm X 50mm

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 1002400-000)

$ 238.00
CNC 3068

Cylinder SMC 40mm bore X 25mm STK

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 1002415-000)

$ 299.00
CNC 3069

Cylinder SMC 32mm X 15mm

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 1002419-000)

$ 299.00