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Pneumatic Cylinders

Pistons, Pneumatic Cylinders,

Cylinders convert shop air into movement and are an important part of the turret press.  Air must be well conditioned to avoid sticky, and leaking cylinders.  We sell a complete line of filters to reduce problems with all air components.

CNC 2740


(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 802933-000)

From $ 132.10
CNC 2859

Cylinder Pneumatic AI Brake HR series

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 803600-000)

$ 140.00
CNC 2925

Cylinder Pneumatic Square Bimba

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 1000308-000)

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 803479-000

$ 209.30
CNC 2926

Cylinder Pneumatic 2 Bore

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 1000309-000)

Replaces Strippit® Part Number 803486-000

$ 178.22
CNC 2983

Cylinder Compact Air Side Gage,Center Gauge, WC Pin

same as Strippit® 800480-000

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 1001013-000)

$ 197.00