Providing ** PARTS and SERVICE ** for Strippit/LVD turret punch presses. Please call 716-830-4630 for assistance
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Error Codes


We can help diagnose error codes on all Strippit® machines.  Over thirty years of experience with troubleshooting.  We are happy to assist our CUSTOMERS

Call my direct line and I will assist if possible  716-830-4630

We have many procedures available for common problems, and adjustments

Many times a FANUC® error code can be searched on the internet and a solution found.  Try typing (406 FANUC® alarm), obviously substitute your specific alarm code.  Remember it is FREE advise and if your not confident it would be wise to have a serviceman visit. If at anytime you feel unsure of procedures, be safe STOP and call for help. Many times a customer will spend days working on a problem only to make it worse, and still need a visit.

Strippit/LVD® although difficult to reach because of the backlog they will provide expert assistance without charge.  They utilize their network of service engineers to answer your calls.  800-828-1527

FANUC® error code diagnosis- Your local FANUC® office will also provide professional assistance identifying problems with their controller.  They also have an extensive service presence if you should require an onsite visit.  888-326-8287

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