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Technical Support

Fixture Rental

We have a variety of tools for rent, that will ease your job including

 Hydraulic Clutch/ Brake Alignment Kit for all Industrial style units.  This makes the near impossible task of lining up brake pads while reassembling the unit quite simple.  Rental Cost is $100.00/ week plus shipping.

Use my part number CNC 5000

 Turret Bushing Alignment Set.  We rent either long tool, or short tool sets as needed.  These are required to realign stations.  Rental cost is $100.00/ week plus shipping.

Use my part number CNC 5001

 Accumulator Charge Kit.  We rent both standard, and H&L style kits.  These are...

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Error Codes

Strippit ® Error Code identification

This page is being developed for your assistance

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Strippit® Machine Parts

Complete line of parts, maintenance supplies, circuit boards for Strippit® Turret Punches.

from switches, to motors, drives, solenoids, and all kinds of hard to find parts.  IN STOCK and ready to ship today.

Need help identifying a part?  Don’t hesitate to call!  We will do everything in our power to help get your Strippit running.  We have procedures, error codes, tools needed to get it done

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