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All Proximity Sensors, Pushbuttons, and Mechanical Switches

CNC 2572

Sensor Programmable Workclamp PNP NO 5MM

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 710796-000)

$ 169.00
CNC 2622

Sensor Proximity Quick Connect 8mm / 12mm connector

Shielded,PNP NO, includes cable

Replaces Strippit® Part Number 24709-000

$ 140.00
CNC 2662

Sensor Proximity Limit Switch (Replaces Strippit® Part Number 801721-000)

Includes Extension Cable

This is a more expensive universal sensor.  If you are not using this for a turret home switch, buy the cheaper normally open sensor.  Consider purchasing more than one, as Strippit® used many of these on their machines.

From $ 140.00
CNC 2668

Switch Micron Unit - Refurbished closes every 30 turns

Units include adjustment instructions critical to proper operation.

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 802029-000)

$ 1,150.00
CNC 4021

Switch Pressure Differential H filters

replaces Strippit® 123898-245

From $ 75.00
CNC 4037

Switch Pressure

Replaces Strippit® 123898-230

$ 220.00