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This collection includes the Servomotors that move the X,Y,T,C AXIS.  Also included are the associated drive amplifiers.  Servo units being closed loop are difficult to troubleshoot without proper equipment.  Caution must be excessive to avoid damage to equipment, or personnel hazards.

CNC 4052

Servo Amplifier

replaces Fanuc® A06B-6096-H106

From $ 2,410.00
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$ 6,500.00
CNC 4054

Servo Amplifier

replaces Fanuc® A06B-6096-H208

$ 0.00
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CNC 4053

Servo Amplifier

replaces Fanuc® A06B-6096-H105

$ 0.00
CNC 3259

Servomotor Fanuc Y H30, Global Rebuilt

Replaces Fanuc® Part Number A06B-0572-B075

(replaces Strippit® part 711183-000)

From $ 3,450.00
CNC 3258

Servomotor X axis H30 1.5

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number A06B-0571-B075-7008)

Replaces Strippit® Part Number 711182-000)

From $ 3,450.00
CNC 3248

Servomotor Global Y axis

(Replaces Fanuc® Part Number A06B-0166-B075-7008)

$ 2,500.00
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CNC 3247

Servomotor Global X axis

(Replaces Fanuc® Part Number A06B-0165-B075-7008)

From $ 1,950.00
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CNC 3246

Servomotor FANUC

(Replaces Fanuc® Part Number A06B-0163-B077)

From $ 950.00
CNC 3244

Servomotor Global T axis

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number A06B-0143-B075-7008)

From $ 2,500.00
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CNC 3241

Servomotor Global C axis

(Replaces Fanuc® Part Number A06B-0128-B075-7008)

From $ 1,790.00
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