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Circuit Boards

Unless otherwise noted, all circuit boards are reconditioned, and tested in an actual machine prior to shipment.  

If the circuit board is returned for credit there will be a 25% restock fee to allow us to retest any returned circuit boards.

Prices shown are exchange only, and assume return of the old board within 30 days

CNC 2988

RCM Module

Used in H series and some Global machines

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 1001065-000)

$ 4,500.00
CNC 4145

Inverter Board TDK for Fanuc 180i

replaces TDK PCU P090D

$ 45.00
Sold Out
CNC 3756

Memory Board Fanuc O

( replaces Fanuc A16B-2201-0103)


From $ 1,850.00
CNC 3286

Power unit 1250 OPC-S

(Replaces Fanuc® Part Number a16b-1210-0660)

$ 800.00
CNC 3289

Circuit Board Axes Control

(Replaces Fanuc® Part Number A16B-1211-0331-03A)

$ 1,900.00
Sold Out
CNC 3292


(Replaces Fanuc® Part Number a16b-1211-0945-05a)

From $ 1,250.00
CNC 3324

Bulb OP #388. pkg. of 10

(Replaces Fanuc® Part Number a55l00010042)

$ 25.00
CNC 3287


(Replaces Fanuc® Part Number A16B-1211-0300)

From $ 750.00
CNC 3288

Sub Cpu OPB

(Replaces Fanuc® Part Number A16B-1211-0320)

From $ 950.00
Sold Out
CNC 4150
LCD backlit Fanuc Panel I NEW
$ 2,200.00
CNC 4149

Circuit Board Main Fanuc NEW

replace Fanuc® A20B-8101-0364

$ 4,100.00
CNC 4148

Circuit Board Fanuc I Panel NEW

replaces Fanuc® A20B-8002-0251

$ 850.00
CNC 4147

Power Supply Fanuc Panel I NEW

replaces Fanuc® A20B-2100-0920

$ 950.00
CNC 4146

Hard Drive 40 GB Fanuc

replaces Fanuc® A08B-0084-C120/H

$ 400.00
CNC 4144

Circuit Board I/O Link Adapter Fanuc

replaces Fanuc® A20B-8002-0500/01A

$ 150.00
CNC 4105

Input Isolator Reconditioned Only

Replaces Strippit® PB-4

$ 40.00
Sold Out
CNC 4104

Input Unit Reconditioned Only

replaces Strippit® G4PB4

$ 40.00
Sold Out
CNC 3762

Circuit Board Memory OPC H Machines

A16B-1211-0901 Fanuc OC PMC-M graphic board. Normally this Surface mount pcb can be fitted on either the 32 bit masters, half or full width. Running the O-C control or OD, O-F config in which it stores the system memory, ladder, and programs. The A16B-1211-0901 can run as 2/3/4/6/8 axis machine tool configuration as standard.

(replaces Fanuc® A16B-1211-0901-B)

From $ 1,250.00
CNC 4056

Servo Amp OPC

(Replaces Fanuc® Part Number A06B-6057-H006)

$ 500.00
CNC 4049

Keyboard PS2

$ 75.00