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Strippit/LVD @ community

This blog is being created as a community of Strippit ®️ users to allow all to share experiences, information, and to possibly help others.  This is not meant as a complaint forum.  ALL machine tools by their nature have problems at times.  Strippit makes a quality machine in AMERICA, so bashing them here is pointless.  Service departments do their best to help, however it’s tough to please everyone. If you can offer assistance to someone with a machine problem you’ve experienced, maybe offer machine capacity to others as needed this site would become a great tool for all.  Many times customers with a machine that’s down could use a local Strippit ®️ user to help with capacity while a repair is made.  I have been repairing Strippit ®️machines as long as anyone so I will offer help when I can.  Please remember my time is limited any help I can get is appreciated.



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