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S machine J Frame

The S Series machines machined in 2 pieces the permanently joined to become one piece J framed machines.  These machine utilized the 33 station turret, and the 2 servo auto index was a superior design. Considered by many as a reliable, we'll designed workhorse.  Parts support is good, and there were a few variations, 40", and 50" throats, and 65", and 80" X travel designs.  The machine utilized 3 different controllers over the years. Fanuc OPB and OPC, and a few PC controlled machines also shipped.  The PC machines are to be avoided because of an obsolete, unsupportable Strippit® controller.


Common Part List

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Shot Pin Sensors   

Strip Sensor

Press Drive Sensors

Work Clamp Scan Sensor

Work Clamp Protect Small and Large Sensor

X,Y Limit Sensors

Turret Slow/Reference Sensor Early Machines

Turret Reference Sensor Later Machines

Reposition Cylinder Sensor

Auto Index Engage/Disengage Sensor

Index Station Recognition Sensor

Work Clamp Closed Sensor

Hood Door Closed Sensors

Toolring Open Sensor

Drop Door Sensor

Press Drive Oil Level Switch

Airline Disengage Sensor

Work Clamp FootSwitch

Multitool Retracted Switch Long Tool

Multitool Retracted Switch Short Tool

Green Cycle Start Button

Yellow Mushroom Side Gauge Button


X Axis Servomotor

Y Axis Servomotor

T Axis Servomotor

C Axis Servomotor

Air Cylinders

Reposition Cylinder

Shot Pin Cylinder

Multitool Cylinder Short Tool

Multitool Cylinder Long Tool

Work Clamp Cylinder

Side Gauge Cylinder

Auto Index Brake Release Cylinder

Auto Index Engage Cylinder

Solenoid Bank Complete

Single Position Solenoid

Double Position Solenoid

Work Clamp Parts

Lower Jaw

Upper Jaw

Gauge Block

Work Clamp Body

Workclamp Height Spring

Linear Bearing

Work Clamp Target

Work Clamp Ratchet Handle Metric

Work Clamp Ratchet Handle Inch

Work Clamp Wedge Plate

Work Clamp Mounting Plate

Work Clamp Link Pin Assembly

Turret Parts

3-1/2" Bushing

1-1/4" Bushing

Auto Index Bushing with gear



Lower Jaw Universal S style includes hardware

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 119902-300)

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 119902-000)

$ 46.00

Body Workclamp 2 pc. Lower

Replaces Strippit® Part Number 119896-000

You will need the MH6SCP46 if you are replacing the original design.

From $ 375.00

Work Clamp Gauge Block Modified 

This is a universal replacement for Strippit® 119903-000


$ 32.00

Upper Jaw Workclamp S style

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 119899-000)

$ 290.00
CNC 2852

Ratchet Handle Workclamp Metric SOLD IN PAIRS

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 803563-000)

$ 62.00
CNC 2662

Sensor Proximity Limit Switch

 Replaces Strippit® Part 801721-000

From $ 220.00
CNC 1842

Coupler AI Flex

Replaces Strippit® Part Number 107727-100

From $ 225.00
CNC 1425

Sensor Proximity 8mm NO PNP Shot Pin includes cable

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 19940-000)

$ 130.00

Cylinder Pneumatic S,H Workclamp 

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 803240-000)

From $ 60.00
$ 426.79
CNC 2408

Rotary Union Hyd.  
Replaces Strippit® Part Number 802501-000

Replaces Strippit® Part Number 210380-000

From $ 175.00
CNC 1610

Bushing 1-1/4 Turret

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 100230-000)

$ 179.00
CNC 2668

Switch Micron Unit - Refurbished

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 802029-000)

$ 350.00
CNC 2487

Stacked Valve Double Solenoid

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 402527-200)

From $ 90.00
CNC 2739

Sensor Proximity NPN SINKING NC

No Punch Zone early S

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 802931-000)

From $ 50.00
$ 475.68
CNC 2657

Sensor Proximity NO PNP

Replaces Strippit® Part Number 801608-000

$ 165.00

Workclamp Z Float Complete S,MXP,H30 universal 

Replaces Strippit® 130012-000, Replaces Strippit® 130012-100 

Sold individually or in pairs

From $ 1,500.00
$ 9,100.00
CNC 2483

Solenoid Valve Single Stacked Mac

REPLACED BY 402527100

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 402526-300)

From $ 75.00
CNC 1236

Seal Ram

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 17534-000)

$ 100.00
CNC 4007

Ratchet Handle S Style Metric Modified

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 803238-000)

$ 45.00
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CNC 2751

Hyd C/B Brake Spring set of 6.     

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 802994-270)

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 207992)

$ 174.00
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