Providing ** PARTS and SERVICE ** for Strippit/LVD turret punch presses. Please call 716-830-4630 for assistance
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Fixture Rental

We have a variety of tools for rent, that will ease your job including;

 Hydraulic Clutch/ Brake Alignment Kit (CNC 5500) for all Industrial style units.  This makes the near impossible task of lining up brake pads while reassembling the unit quite simple. I include a complete set of seals and hardware you may need. Rental Cost is $200.00/ week plus, the price of any parts you use from the kit.  I will inventory the kit on shipment and return and deduct cost of what is used from the deposit.  I take a $500.00 deposit from your card prior to shipping.  Please keep in mind this kit weighs over 100 pounds so try to avoid overnight shipping, which I will bill you for.

 Turret Bushing Alignment Set Short (CNC 5001).  We rent either long tool, or short tool sets as needed.  These are required to realign stations.  Rental cost is $100.00/ week plus shipping.

 Accumulator Charge Kit (CNC 2746) We rent both standard, and H&L style kits.  These are required to recharge the Nitrogen in the Accumulators on Strippit® Hydraulic systems.  Customer must provide bottled nitrogen.  Rental cost is $100.00 /week




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