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In the late 80's Strippit®  started using the FANUC controllers.  Reliability, and ease of integration makes the control the choice of a majority of machine builders.  There are many variations of the control, so double check your part number before ordering.  All circuit boards require a 25% restock charge.

CNC 3919

Output Unit PLC FANUC

Replaces Fanuc® A03B-0807-C154

$ 201.00
CNC 4052

Servo Amplifier

replaces Fanuc® A06B-6096-H106

From $ 2,410.00
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$ 6,500.00
CNC 4053

Servo Amplifier

replaces Fanuc® A06B-6096-H105

From $ 1,850.00
CNC 4054

Servo Amplifier

replaces Fanuc® A06B-6096-H208

From $ 1,350.00
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CNC 4195

Battery Pack Fanuc Servo

Replaces Fanuc® part number BR-2/3A4F

$ 65.00
CNC 6030

Switch Pushbutton Power On Fanuc

replaces Strippit®405231-400

$ 47.00
CNC 6031

Switch Pushbutton Power Off Fanuc

replaces Strippit®405231-410

$ 47.00
CNC 6032

Switch Pushbutton Cycle Stop Red Fanuc I

replaces Strippit®405231-310

$ 47.00
CNC 6033

Switch Pushbutton Cycle Start Green Fanuc I

replaces Strippit®405231-300

$ 47.00
CNC 6136

Servoamplifier C Axis Global

Replaces FANUC A06B-6096-H203

From $ 2,200.00
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