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This collection includes the Servomotors that move the X,Y,T,C AXIS.  Also included are the associated drive amplifiers.  Servo units being closed loop are difficult to troubleshoot without proper equipment.  Caution must be excessive to avoid damage to equipment, or personnel hazards.

CNC 1495

Circuit Board PWMC7 Servo

reconditioned, tested good

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 22645-000)

(Replaces GE part number 44A297086G03)

$ 200.00
CNC 6080

Servo Amplifier GN6 Rebuilt\

Replaces Fanuc® A06B-6047-H303

$ 1,200.00
$ 17,920.00
CNC 4122

Pulse Coder Fanuc Rebuilt

Replaces Fanuc® A860-0300-T001 2000P

$ 200.00
CNC 3269

Servo Amplifier OP (no control board)

(Replaces Fanuc® Part Number A06B-6057-H401)

$ 500.00
CNC 4048

Servo Amplifier Control Card GN6 Reconditioned

Must return core to avoid additional charge

Replaces Fanuc® A20b-0009-0320/12


$ 500.00
CNC 4047

Servo Amplifier Control Card Reconditioned

Replaces Fanuc® A20B-0009-0320/10

$ 500.00
CNC 3305


(Replaces Fanuc® Part Number A20b-0009-0320-15)

$ 950.00
CNC 4045

Servo Amplifier Control Card GN6 CAP Reconditioned


(Replaces Fanuc® Part Number A20b-0009-0320-16E)

$ 500.00
CNC 3267

Servo Module GN6 Rebuilt

(Replaces Fanuc® Part Number A06B-6047-H040)

$ 500.00
$ 1,752.00
CNC 4044

Servo Amplifier OP Reconditioned

Replaces Fanuc® A06B-6057-H004

$ 1,200.00
$ 7,093.00