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This Strippit® machine utilizes a bridge frame design was produced in early 2000.  Available in 2 turret configurations 42 station Long Tool, and 40 station Strippit tooled machines.  Auto clamps,4 station auto index, and indexable multitool.  Small parts drop table, and Load/Unload were popular options.  

The machine utilized Fanuc 180 I controller, and most used the Hartmann Lamelle Smart Ram combination.


Common Part List 

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Programmable Work Clamp X,Y Gripper Retract/Extend Sensor   

Work Clamp Closed Sensor

Reposition Cylinder Retracted Sensor

Shot Pin In/Out Sensor

Programmable WorkClamp Pin Gripped Sensor

Indexable Multitool Extended Sensor

Piece Part Pullout Sensor

Work Clamp Scan Sensor

Bin Sort Sensor

Hood Door Closed Switch

Air Pressure Switch

Blue Pushbutton

Black Pushbutton

Work Clamp Footswitch

Turret Joystick


X Axis Servomotor

Y Axis Servomotor

T Axis Servomotor

C Axis Servomotor

Air Cylinders

Reposition Cylinder

Shot Pin Cylinder

Multitool Cylinder Short Tool

Multitool Cylinder Long Tool

Work Clamp Gripper Horizontal Cylinder

Work Clamp Gripper Vertical Cylinder

Drop Table Cylinder

Work Clamp Cylinder

Side Gauge Cylinder

Center Gauge Cylinder

Work Clamp Parts

Lower Jaw

Upper Jaw

Gauge Block

Work Clamp Body

Locating Pin

Locating Pin Holder

Workclamp Spring

Linear Bearing

Work Clamp Target

Turret Parts

3-1/2(D) Bushing LT

3-1/2(D) Bushing ST

1-1/4(B) Bushing LT

1-1/4(B) Bushing ST

Auto Index Bushing D LT

Auto Index Bushing D ST

Station Key D LT


CNC 1549

Retainer Pin

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 83639-000)

$ 32.00
$ 49.65
CNC 2345

Jaw Upper

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 125879100)

(Replaces Strippit® Part Number 125879000)

$ 390.00
CNC 3247

Servomotor Global X axis

(Replaces Fanuc® Part Number A06B-0165-B075-7008)

From $ 1,950.00
CNC 3816

Switch 22mm Red ESTOP

(replaces Strippit® 24542-000)


$ 42.00
CNC 3921

Valve H&L Accumulator charge Hi Pressure

replaces Strippit® 1002165-012

10-14 week lead-time

$ 731.86
CNC 3922

Seal Kit H&L

replaces Strippit® 1002165-109

$ 190.40
Sold Out
CNC 3923

SealKit Z  H&L ram

replaces Strippit® 1002165-003

$ 101.16
Sold Out
CNC 3924

Coil Solenoid H&L

replaces Strippit® 1002165-015

$ 113.06
CNC 3925

O Ring H&L 

replaces Strippit®1002382-017

$ 2.40
CNC 3926
Spacer H&L 

replaces H&L® THL421170510

$ 241.00
Sold Out
CNC 3927
O Ring H&L 

replaces Strippit® 100282-021

$ 3.00
CNC 3928
Seal Square H&L 

replaces Strippit® 1002165-016

$ 5.36
Sold Out
CNC 3930
Spacer 3mm H&L 

replaces Strippit® 1002165018

$ 29.76
CNC 3931

Valve Accumulator charge

replaces Strippit 1002165-013

$ 0.00
Sold Out
CNC 3943

Output Unit Relay Fanuc

replaces Fanuc® a03b-0807-c161

$ 200.00
CNC 3979

Seal Kit Check Valve H&L

Replaces Strippit® 1002165-011

$ 0.00
CNC 3981

USIT Ring H&L#816-021


Replaces Strippit® 10020165-004

$ 10.00
CNC 4001

 Oring 1.78 x 12.42

Replaces Strippit® 1002165-019

$ 0.00
CNC 4017

Catrack X axis work clamp

includes 3-10’ wire chains and 3 sets of hardware

Replaces Strippit® 404894-000

$ 497.00
CNC 4091

Retainer Bearing

2 week lead time

Replaces Strippit® 124972-000

$ 0.00