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Clearance Strippit® Parts

We need to make some room for new collections.  For a limited time, and limited to stock on hand these items are priced up to 50% off our regular low prices.  Add parts to your inventory to avoid downtime. Check back often for additional parts.

CNC 3823

Motion Board Strippit PC controller MEI style  Rebuilt

PC/DSP rev C3 

replaces Strippit® Part  24893-000

$ 2,200.00
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2 Complete R Style Work clamps

replaces Strippit® 123836-000

$ 1,600.00
$ 1,950.00

Workclamp Z Float Complete S,MXP,H30 universal 

Replaces Strippit® 130012-000, Replaces Strippit® 130012-100

From $ 1,500.00
$ 9,100.00