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CNC 4273

CNC 4273

$ 2,050.00

Amplifier Fanuc Alpha reconditioned

replaces Fanuc® A06B-6079-H103


WARNING......HAZARDOUS VOLTAGES EXIST EVEN AFTER POWER IS OFF. YOU MUST OBSERVE RED LED ON UNIT TO WAIT FOR COMPLETE DISCHARGE TO BEGIN ANY WORK. Failure to follow this warning my result in personnel or equipment hazard. Must return core to avoid additional charges

Installation Procedure

Open top cover and remove 2 nuts holding buss connections, remove all plugs and connectors being careful to mark or take a photo, remove motor connection wires, removes 2 retaining screw, one on top, one on the bottom of the amplifier. Wiggle unit gently side to side to remove. Replace unit, ensuring all connections are tight. Power up and inspect for error lights.

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